LIMOCHIVA.COM  is a product owned by Gustavo Franco,the well known actor, composer and singer, a man with more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

His name is not just synonymous with talent, but with the bohemian lifestyle as well. A non-conformist with the schematic way of life "Tavo" is a free spirit looking to constantly create. Blessed with a great sense of humor that brightens the lives of those that surround him, this man is  the one responsible for the development and details of the amazing parties the LIMOCHIVA has to offer.


Most of you know Gustavo from famous roles such as: "Uncle Rene" from Telemundo's novela "El Rostro de Analia" or "Mauricio Duque" the prestigious family attorney in "Dame Chocolate" or simply from the many other acclaimed roles he has worked on, not only in Miami but in his native Colombia as well. In addition most of us have enjoyed his musical side, at events such as DONDE TAVO, where this talented musician brought us the best entertainment and musicians in the ultimate bohemian night in Miami for 4 consecutive years. 


Gustavo has shared the stage with musical greats such as Franco de Vita, Rocio Durcal, Roberto Carlos, Maria Marta Serra Lima and Carlos Vives just to name a few. He has composed over 100 songs, hits such as "Que Sera de tu Ausencia Señora" which he recently performed live at the Telethon for the League Against Cancer & "Morena de Piernas Doradas," who's melody we can here as the theme music for the LIMOCHIVA.COM web page.

So in essence this is the man in charge of taking you on a party adventure  that you will never forget, through the streets of Miami and Broward, visiting the best nightclubs in a safe and fun environment every weekend via the LIMOCHIVA.COM